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    Emissionsmessung WEA Grenzflaechenmikrofon

    Determination of sound power level at a
    wind turbine using an interfacial

    Numerous standards exist that deal with the determination of sound levels. Sound power levels can be determined according to, for example, the DIN EN ISO 3740 series, the DIN EN ISO 9614 series or other standards such as DIN EN 61400-11 that cover individual types of sound sources such as wind turbines.

    In Germany, sound immissions in residential areas caused by commercial activities are being measured according to TA Lärm in connection with, for example, DIN 45645-1, while for the determination of the emission sound pressure level at the workplace, standards of the DIN EN ISO 11200 series apply, and for measuring the daily sound exposition level according to the order for health and safety at work concerning noise and vibrations (“Lärm- und Vibrations-Arbeitsschutzverordnung”), DIN EN ISO 9612 is used.

    We are a notified testing laboratory for noise measurements in accordance with § 29b of the Federal Immission Protection Act and accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and thus can support you in measuring almost all kinds of sound sources according to a multitude of standards.

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