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  • Expert’s reports on noise immissions


    Map of rating level distribution, calculated according to 16th BImSchV,
    on a highway junction

    Building projects often have an impact on the noise exposure in adjacent residential areas so that in Germany, they have to be evaluated according to the 16th or the 18th order based on the Federal Immission Protection Act (“16. BImSchV” or rather “18. BImSchV”), the technical guidelines about noise (“TA Lärm”), DIN 18005, the General Administrative Regulation about Noise from building projects (“AVV Baulärm”) or other norms and standards.

    Being an accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and a Notified testing laboratory for noise measurements in accordance with § 29b of the Federal Immission Protection Act, we compile expert’s reports fit to be submitted to authorities such as the building authority, the Regional Commission, the District Office or the factory inspectorate.

    In cases of new plannings or substantial changes at plants we can design sound reduction measures as needed. Through this, the cost necessary for noise control can be considered beforehand, avoiding extra costs for reworks.

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